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How Itching Effects Family Pets?

I was always fond of family pets and I had a number of family pets ever considering that I was a kid. I had four cats, 2 pet dogs and a Macau too. Anybody who would come to our place would call our house mini zoo as there were a lot of. I had craze for family pets and my moms and dads always supported me to keep animals too however they constantly recommended to take an excellent care of animals. As we bring pets to our house, they are no longer simply animals but part of household and they need to be taken care of. My family pets were pretty healthy and well groomed and clean too. So for the time in our life when we moved our house to a different city I began to observe that my felines and dogs were frequently scratching themselves Dogs do scratch themselves sometimes but they were doing it so terribly that I decided to get an anti itch pet hair shampoo for them.